O Level Physics Crash Course

Do you want to get A1 for O/N Levels Physics?

This Physics Crash Course is for you!


Hi Parent! I’m Ms. Rowena!

I have prepared students for O Levels for more than 10 years, going through the O level exams cycle more than 10 times! I have taught students from top schools including RGS, RI and ACS.
For most of you, your child would have finished their year end exams by the time you are reading this.
Some of them would have done well. Well done and keep it up!
The real O Levels exams are coming next year. Take a good rest to prepare for next year.
For those who have not done as well, there is still PLENTY OF TIME.

One of my students improved from F9 to A1 in one year!

It’s definitely possible.

Let me share with you how he did it.

It’s something that MOE does not emphasise enough…

He lacked a key ingredient that prevented him from scoring…

A secret that really is, the key to success!

A common factor that I observe in ALL my successful students. From my years of experience.

And I’ll share it with you here.

It’s all about MOTIVATION!

The one biggest factor is how MOTIVATED your child is!

If your child is motivated, they will spend more time studying and less time using their handphones. They will not dread their Ten Year Series. They will not be tired all the time and drag themselves to school and tuition.

They will WANT To study by themselves!

This is why, I always spend time understanding my students. I need to understand what truly motivates them. Is it achievement? Is it competition with peers? Is it rewards like money or gadgets? This is the key to success!
As students have a lot more time during the holidays, I find that the holidays are a great time for students to revise their school work and build their foundations for next year.

Hence, I will be organising a June 2017 Physics Camp to prepare students who will be taking their O/N Levels in 2017.

Who is suitable for this camp?

This camp will be suitable for students who:

  • Did poorly this year and wants to do well next year
  • Wants to score and get A for O levels
  • Wants to start revising early and be prepared
  • Needs to revise the key Physics concepts
  • Wants to learn the key words to apply during exams
  • Wants to know the mind maps and short cuts to use

If your child did well this year and is 100% confident of getting an A for the O Levels, great! There really is no need for them to attend my course.

If not, please do consider attending my course. It will benefit them greatly. I’ve carefully selected the key topics that are BOUND to come out for the O levels exams. If anything, your child should come just to learn these topics.

Featured on Straits Times!

By the way, Bright Culture Group’s crash courses was recently featured in the Straits Times. (Read more here)

What your child will get during this camp:


  • 8 packed and solid hours of teaching

  • Carefully selected practice papers that contains questions most likely to be tested! Make sure your child does this before going exams…

  • 150+ sample questions to make sure they are familiar with concepts

  • Motivational stories to INSPIRE them!

  • Clear all doubts about any concepts they don’t understand

  • Ask any questions they have

  • Learn all the tips my top students use to ace their exams

  • SPOT QUESTIONS that will come out for the exams

The group size will be capped at 10 students and seats are filling fast.

If you are still unsure, look at what my students are saying. 

physics-tutor-in-singapore o-levels-physics-tutor physics-tuition-centre best-tuition-centre-in-singapore physics-tuition-singapore

Money Back – No Risk For You!

To make you and your child more comfortable, we have a money back for our camps. If you feel that my teaching is not up to expectations, let me know right after the first lesson. I will refund you 100% of the camp fees. I do this to make sure every student and parent is happy and satisfied.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Location: 183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre. Singapore 307628 (3 minutes walk from Novena MRT)
Module 1:
30th May
Sound, Waves
Module 2:
5th June
Light, Heat
Module 3:
6th June
Module 4: 
9th June
Turning Effect, Pressure
Timing: 11am to 1pm (2 hours)

Course fees:

Each day will cost $98. If you sign up for all 4 days, the Crash Course will cost a total of $358

Early Bird Special! Sign ups 2 weeks before start of the course will get a special $20 discount, for a final price of $338!

*Please note that 100% payment up front is required to confirm your seat. Payment details to follow.
Feel free to contact me at 96979822 or admin@bright-physics.com.sg if you have any questions!
I would love to address any concerns you might have.

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About the teacher

What makes Ms. Rowena better than other teachers? She plans interesting and energetic lessons to excite her students, unlike other classes that are so boring, time just seems to crawl by. She asks stimulating questions to set minds thinking and truly understand tough concepts. Most importantly, she identifies the limitations of each student and helps them overcome their limitation to achieve a breakthrough. Imagine if you are just one small tip away from unlocking your potential!

Her teaching style involves clear explanation, topic-by-topic summary, strategies in achieving good grades and most importantly a fun and lively atmosphere that includes simple games and riddles. 

She has 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Business Administration from NUS and a Bachelor of Aeronautics Engineering. She then obtained 1st Class Honours in Masters in Aeronautics Engineering from Leeds University in the UK.